Cross-Curricular Websites
Grade: 3 - 6
Kid Games & Teacher Resources
BrainPOP - I use BrainPOP with 4th graders. There is a lot of the site that is only accesible with an account but the free resources are amazing, such as U.S Government and Law.

Sesame Street
Kid Games and Videos

School Express
Teacher Resources
Great resource for free worksheets. You can also make your own worksheets: unscramble words, ABC order, wordsearch, etc.

Kid Games
The kids love all the games on this website from BBC. Only Games work, it says we are not in the viewing area if a video is clicked on.
First and Second Grade go to Bitesize KS1,
Third and Fourth Grade go to Bitesize KS 2. All from BBC.

Sheppard Software
Kid Games
SMARTboard compatible

Mr. Nussbaum
Kid Games & Teacher Resources
SMARTboard compatible

Teacher Resources - This site is sponsored by the George Lucas Education Foundation (think Star Wars). Clicking on Core Strategies and then Overview has a nice outline of the available resources.

Kinetic City Active Explorer
Players log in as Explorers and go on Quests where they collect images, video, audio, notes, and other data. Then, they go on line to see what they’ve collected, study it, and use it to make posters, comics, slide shows, and other fun SmartWork.